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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 1, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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standing behind you, berman. that is our report for tonight. thank you for watching abc news. check in with our friends at "gma." they'll answer your pressing questions like, what do i do with the kardashian-inspired wedding gown i just bought? and we're always online at see you back here tomorrow. >> dicky: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> jimmy: i'm either donkey congress or ronnie from "jersey shore." you pick. pee-wee herman. bruno tonioli. >> don't have any hair at all. >> jimmy: who says this country doesn't have a can-do spirit anymore? >> dicky: and music from megadeath. >> what did you do to me?
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with "dance central 2," exclusively on kinect for xbox 360 with more high caliber, full-body dance routines, multi-player functionality, and over 40 chart-topping hits. and it's got a new dance battle mode. which is perfect timing because my friends guillermo and yehya are right now in the midst of a bitter feud. i won't get into specifics, but suffice to say, it was over a doughnut. but they're going to settle this right now non-violently with a dance-off. are you ready? >> i'm ready to bust a move. >> i'm ready to bust a move, too.
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>> jimmy: okay, very -- bust a movie? this is -- you'll be dancing to an usher song called "dj got us falling in love." ready? >> ready. >> jimmy: dance! ♪ ♪ thank god the week is done ♪ i feel like a zombie gone back to life ♪ ♪ back back to life ♪ dance up ♪ suddenly ♪ we all got our hands up ♪ no control of my body >> jimmy: i can probably let this go on forever. all right, guys, a wonderful job by both of you. by audience applause, do you vote for guillermo, was he the winner? was yehya the winner? well, you know what? i hate to say it, but i think we're all winners tonight. >> dicky: "dance central 2," the kinect-exclusive dance game on xbox 360 with over 40 chart-topping hits.
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in stores now. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with judge bruno tonioli, music from megadeth and pee-wee herman. for halloween. come on back! [ man ] it's my new malibu.
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that gives me all the benefits of centrum. plus additional support... [ all ] for what's important to me. [ male announcer ] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- pee-wee herman. bruno tonioli. and music from megadeath. with cleto and the cletones. and now, right behind you, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
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no. oh, well, hello, everyone. welcome to our annual halloween show. my name is kong, donkey kong. perhaps you know me. hold on a second. i couldn't help myself. something came over me. my mother always warned me if i kept playing i'd eventually turn into one. i'm either donkey kong or ronnie from "jersey shore." you pick. tonight on the show, we're all dressed like video game characters. cleto and cleto sr. are the super mario brothers. dicky is pacman. we have inky. and in the back is jonathan. he's frogger. [ applause ] we can't see him at all. we got -- what are you, jeff, sonic? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and takeshi is some of the blocks from tetris. and most adordable of all, as
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usual, our parking lot security guard guillermo. tell us who you are. >> pikashu! >> jimmy: and do you have any idea what that is? >> ah -- i know he's from japan. >> jimmy: okay. and did you tresz your little dogs up? >> no, no. >> jimmy: all right. very good. some of our staff behind the scenes dressed up today, too, which is kind of a weird thing, wearing a costume into an office. like what if you get fired? nothing sadder than clearing out your things dressed like dora the explorer. some of our studio audience dressed up tonight, too. let's see what we have here. we have hot dog group here. are you guys a family? >> yeah! >> jimmy: all right. you really went all out. >> thanks. >> jimmy: what else do we have? let's see. we got a guy dressed like me
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from the hottie body hump club. that's nice. thank you. colonel sanders. we have the beatles. the beatles or old justin biebers? [ laughter ] oh, we have alidy pee-wee herman here for pee-wee herman here tonight. he's going to sue the daylights out of you when he gets out here. [ laughter ] is the guy next to you with you? oh, he's not? well -- lucky you. all right. well, hall week is very festive outside our theater here in hollywood. there are more people in costume than usual. usual limb we have people in costume. it looks like the city got hit by a massive slut bomb. you know, i wonder if halloween is the one day of the year lady gaga wears sensible slacks? when you think about it,
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halloween is kind of disturbing. we encourage or young children to ask strangers for candy in exchange for smelling their feet. that is not how you get something good to eat, i'm sorry. the obamas, president, mrs mrs. obama celebrated halloween at the white house over the weekend. trick or treaters came to the white house for about an hour on saturday. once again, obama handing out welfare for candy. conservatives are already accusing the president of seriously depleting our country's tootsie roll reserve. the obamas give snack backs and inside, m&ms, cookie shaped like a white house and some dried fruit, which, i guess, you don't have to be worried about getting egged when you live in the white house. speaking of kids and their candy, i have a quick home work assignment for parents tonight. sit your kids down tomorrow morning and tell them that you ate all their halloween candy overnight. and i would like you to tape
12:11 am
that for me. and get into it. show them the empty trick or treat bag, maybe, like, some wrappers, smear chocolate on your face, whatever you have to do. convince them you ate all the candy while they slept and i would like you to upload the tape to youtube and title it, hey, jimmy kimmel, i told you my i ate all their halloween candy. that way we can track it down and get your permission to air it. we've done this before and it's wonderful. we asked parents to wake their kids up and tell them they were late to school, though it was summer vacation. well, here's just a little bit of one of them. >> going to be late for school. >> are you trying to trick me? >> yeah. >> i just went to sleep. >> jimmy: some kids are no fun. but -- our lawyers have asked me to ask you not to harm any people or property while doing this and if you need to be told that, well, you probably have a problem. but -- we had a beautiful day
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here today. almost 80 degrees. quite a contrast to the east coast, where more than 3 million people from maine to maryland lost power because of the snowstorms over the weekend. in new york, the occupy wall street protesters are now frozen. tents don't given up much protection from the snow and to make matters worse, city officials confiscated the generators that were powering their portable heaters out there. they are are thinking of changing the name from occupy wall street to i'm freezing my beard off. protesters were forced to huddle around their bongs for warmth today. [ applause ] so, we wish them the best. this is pretty funny. this is from the weather channel. they have a reporter named jim cantore. he was in harrisburg, pennsylvania, over the weekend and became very, very excited about something called thundersnow. >> are you seeing big limbs or just small limbs that are sitting on power lines -- >> we're talking significant wi limens -- >> hey, we just had -- guys we
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just had thunder.t had thunder . that is the fourth time i have witnessed thundersne during a live shot. that's got to be in the guinness -- >> did you hear that -- >> absolutely. you could absolutely hear it. so loud there. you could just tell the conditions of how rapidly the snow is coming down. >> i just need a moment. i just need a moment. wow. >> jimmy: wow. take it easy, jim. it's a long winter. pace yourself! he's -- there's some -- [ applause ] big news for the planet earth today. besides thundersnow. whoever keeps track of this sort of thing projects that the world population hit 7 billion today. the 7 billionth person was born. there are now officially as many people as there are tv shows about cupcakes. experts say we hit the 7 billion mark earlier than expected because more children are being born in developing countries and
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jon and kate want another reality show. i liked it better when we only had 5 billion people. it was more homey back then. there's a new episode of "dancing with the stars" tonight here on abc. oh, boy, can you imagine not having power during "dancing with the stars"? you'd kill yourself, right? tonight, six celebrity dancers remain. tomorrow it will be five. ricki lake got 55 out of 60. nancy grace had 44 points. "dancing with the stars" got in the halloween spirit tonight. the kos test tants danced to halloween music which is the worst music of any holiday. and i thought the costumes the judges wore were -- i know every show does costumes on halloween but the costumes the judges on "dancing with the stars" wore tonight were spectacular, look at this. >> come on over here. all right. let's turn to our judges. we start with len goodman. >> lots of tricks and lots of treats. >> jimmy: isn't that incredible? it's like -- [ applause ]
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len likes to slut it up for halloween. republican candidate for president herman cain is at the center of some controversy. cain, of course, is the former godfather's pizza ceo. he's had a sibd recinderella ru far, but it's been alleged that when he was the head of the national restaurant association, two female employees filed sexual harassment charges against him and story said they were given financial settlements to make it go away. cain says it's a misunderstanding, he never sexually harassed anyone. he owned a pizza place, just asking them if they wanted extra sausage and -- [ laughter ] it happens. but he went on fox news this morning to defend himself and i thought he made his point quite eloquently. >> we weren't going to chase anonymous sources. but take a look at the article and look at the people who are attested to my character and
12:16 am
my -- >> jimmy: right. back in the '80s, he burned his tongue on pizza cheese and it's never really healed right. i don't know if i believe the charges. cain seems like a pretty good guy and look at this face. are you telling me a man with a smile like this one that's about to happen is capable of sexual harassment? oh, i don't think so. [ applause ] obviously -- this is a blow to a campaign that's been doing unbelievably well but stories like this make people nervous. this is cain's first foray and the negativity is starting to take a toll. it's like we turned off the sun. here's something to cheer herman up. on saturday morning, espn was broadcasting from here in los angeles been the stanford/usc football game, and as usual, fans were behind the announcers with signs. pay special attention to the sign on the left side of your screen. >> the last two weeks against
12:17 am
cal and notre dame, they had -- >> jimmy: here it comes. [ applause ] yeah, they worked the word "penis" in there four tombimes. probably took them three, maybe four hours to make that sign. who says this country doesn't have a can-do spirit anymore? elsewhere in the world of sports, congratulations to the st. louis cardinals, they beat the texas rangers in game seven to win the world series on friday night. great series. at the top of the eighth, albert pujols caught a pop fly to record the second out and announcer joe buck called the action and in doing so, provided us with our "unintentional joke of the day." >> in foul ground. albert pujols squeezes out number two. >> jimmy: it happens.
12:18 am
meanwhile, while texas was losing that game on friday night, their governor and presidential candidate rick perry gave an odd speech in new hampshire. he was speaking to a conservative group called cornerstone action and his behavior during this speech was unusually silly. >> that little plan that i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax footprint, if you know what i mean, like 9% expansion. >> jimmy: i figured out who rick perry is. he's george w. bush if he never quit drinking. did he seem drunk or -- [ applause ] i mean, i don't know. let's have a look at more of that speech. or you can stay in the old system that's out there and senator, you know, the ones that want to stay in the old system, pay the lawyers, pay the accountants, all that money or -- that. >> jimmy: that's a bottle of jack daniels.
12:19 am
that's not presidential. one more thing. we're having a lot of fun here tonight and i hate to ruin the mood. but it is my duty as an american talk show host to report that about 72 days of wedded bliss, kim kardashian and her husband kris humphries are splifting up. she's decided not to pick his option up for another season. ryan seacrest tweeted the news this morning, just to give you an idea how serious this is. apparently kim's late nights at the office became too much of a strain on their relationship and -- something like that. [ laughter ] it's a shame. you know, i thought they'd be together for at least five to ten "us weekly" covers, but kim has asked that her fans and media give her a complete lack of privacy during this difficult time. i wonder what happens to that 20 karat engagement ring he gave her. you know, if nobody's using it, it would look great in my belly button. i'm not going to lie. i know -- i don't want to trifl
12:20 am
y'allize because i feel kind of cheated by all this. i cried through every minute of that wedding special and i want those 11 hours of my life back now. you do have to hand it to e, though. just when you think you've seen enough of the kardashians and their personal lives, somehow they mapg to pull us right back in. >> you've seen her sex life, her dating life, her lunches, her puppy, her clothing line, her shoes, her sisters, her brother, her dinners, her shopping, her sleeping, her marriage and now her divorce. from the producers of "kim's fairly tale wedding" comes "kim and kris call it quits" with appearancesly attorney laura wassler and special musical performance by lady antebellum. join host ryan seacrest for the dissolution of a lifetime. not on lifetime, only on e. followed by an all-new can kim
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kardashian wedding." >> jimmy: oh, well that's nice. we have a good show for you tonight. judge bruno tonioli is here. we have music from megadeath. and we'll be right back with pee-wee herman, so stick around. [ dog ] i am a rockstar. my coat? solid gold. my insides? pure platinum. [ female announcer ] a healthy outside starts inside. new iams simple & natural has chicken as its number one ingredient and zero fillers. it works inside for health you can see on the outside. [ dog ] i can't be a rockstar on the outside if i'm not one on the inside. [ female announcer ] new iams naturals. you'll like what's in them and love what's not. [ dog ] i am an iams dog. [ girls ] he's so cute! [ dog ] groupies!
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>> jimmy: welcome back to our halloween show. i'm donkey kong. i'm about eight minutes away from heatstroke. tonight on the program, a spray tanned man with many colorful comments. he is here directly from "dancing with the stars." judge bruno tonioli will join us. and then, the perfect band for halloween night, with music from this brand new album called "thirteen." it comes out tomorrow.
12:26 am
megadeth from the bud light outdoor stage. they're going to be in costume, too. they're all dressed up and they look great. tomorrow night we'll be joined by adam sandler, the latest castoff from "dancing with the stars" will be here and we'll have music from the bangles. and later this week, eddie murphy, ellen degeneres, gabourey sidibe, manny pacquiao, and music from chris isaak and chickenfoot. so join us this week. if halloween did not exist as a holiday, our first guest tonight would probably have invented it. the world is his playhouse. you can see him with friends, both real and made of furniture, on this dvd. it's called "the pee-wee herman show on broadway." it is in stores now. please welcome pee-wee herman. [ cheers and applause ]
12:27 am
>> jimmy:lookat you. wheredoes pee-weeendandthekoschumbegin? >> no one's sure, including me. >> jimmy: did you put this together yourself? >> i had a little bit of help, actually. it looks great. >> jimmy: why a vampire? >> well, you know, vampires are, duh, they're so hot right now. >> jimmy: you're right. >> vampires, yeah. "true blood." all of it, you know. >> jimmy: did you love to go trick or treating? >> i loved it. i had a really weird trick or treating thing happen to me when i was really young. i was about 8 or 9 and i knocked on a door and it was a little person's house. little people lived there. and we used to call them midgets but now we call them little people. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and it was like, they went, come in, come in, i went inside their house and everything was
12:28 am
miniature in the whole house. all the furniture was tiny. it was really -- weird. it was weird. >> jimmy: i would have gone back every day. >> yeah. i didn't think of that. i could have moved in there. >> jimmy: i know you brought some, a couple of halloween, like, items? >> yeah. yeah. this is one thing i brought to show you. i thought it was really cool. i don't know if you can see this right here. it's a donald trump wig for a baby. >> jimmy: oh, nice. finally. >> yeah. and on the back it shows you -- on the back, they have the lil' kim, the samuel l and the bob. baby toupee, it's called. >> jimmy: bring that by the little people's house. and you have -- >> this isn't really a halloween thing. i just brought it because i liked it. it's a sippy cup. but it turns out it's adjustment, you know, so you can sip like -- [ laughter ]
12:29 am
or -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: what was your favorite halloween candy, or now? what is it now? >> i show no favorites. i like pixie sticks, peanut butter cups -- >> jimmy: no allergies? >> no. >> jimmy: do you have traditions? >> yeah, yes i do. you know what i do? i like to tell a really spooky, scary story. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> spooky, scary story. >> jimmy: who will you tell the story to? >> maybe you and the audience? >> jimmy: yeah, of course. [ cheers and applause ] we'd love to hear it. >> ooh, all right. here it goes, jimmy. >> jimmy: okay. >> once upon a time, there was a teenage girl, her name was
12:30 am
jimmy. jimmy sue. her parents left her home alone for the first time ever while they went away for the weekend. she was a little nervous, jimmy sue. but confident that she'd be fine. after all, she was on the dean's list at her high school, jimmy. well, in the middle of the night, she was awoken by the sound of a loud crash. she listened for a few moments, and decided that whatever it was, she would deal with it in the morning. [ laughter ] that was a bad idea, right jimmy? >> jimmy: yeah, sure. >> you bet! a few minutes later she was awoken again by another loud, disturbing sound. and she heard it. slurp, slurp, slurp. she decided she needed to investigate. so, she grabbed a broom handle and started walking slowly down the stairs.
12:31 am
slurp, slurp, slurp. the sound got louder and louder. slurp, slurp, slurp! she walked into the living room, slurp, slurp, slurp! the dining room, slurp. the study, slurp, slurp slurp! she went to the family room. what do you think she heard, jimmy? >> jimmy: i don't know. maybe some slurping? >> slurp, slurp, slurp. she slowly rounded the corner to the kitchen. she flicked on the lights and screamed! there in front of her were two ax murders at her kitchen table, sharing an ice cream soda. ahh! she hadn't surprised them, j
12:32 am
jimmy, she might be alive today! slurp, slurp, slurp! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. well, that was -- >> thank you. >> jimmy: chilling. yeah. >> you weren't that scared, but -- >> jimmy: i know. yeah, well, her name was jimmy sue. how scared are you going to get? pee-wee, i want to ask you about some rue morps that are floating around about you. number one, you are making a brand new pee-wee herman movie. >> true, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. that is true. thank you. >> jimmy: and the -- you have a famous director. >> that's right. >> jimmy: ashley judd? >> no. no, not the director. the producer, i see how the rumors get started. the producer of the film, his
12:33 am
first name is judd. judd apatow. >> jimmy: that's a good one. >> yeah, you want someone to produce your movie -- >> jimmy: this might be the weirdest one of all. i think this must be true because i see a picture of you. you are going to be a judge on "top chef." there you are with padma. >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you interested in cooking? do you cook? >> i love to cook. in fact, maybe, you know, i'll kind of famous for my halloween punch. maybe we can make some. >> jimmy: that would be wonderful. we'll do that here. >> really? >> jimmy: we happen to have a call drown. when we come back, we're going to make halloween punch with pee-wee. "the pee-wee herman show on broadway" is on dvd right now, it's in stores now. we'll be right back to make punch. two medium cappuccinos! let's show 'em what a breakfast with wholegrain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte. medium macchiato, light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos, make one a double.
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>> jimmy: we're back. judge bruno and meg dadeath aren the way. but nolling to. this is pee-wee herman. what are you making? >> i'm going to make a halloween beverage, punch. >> jimmy: very good. >> it's called trick or treat soup. >> jimmy: it sounds delicious. trick or treat soup. what is in this trick or treat soup? >> well, we start with four gallons of a generic energy drink. >> jimmy: any energy drink? >> it's fine. any at all.
12:39 am
now, we're going to add to that a little bit of chopped up ware wolf fur. >> jimmy: that looks horrible. >> some of that. a little bit of bat guano. >> jimmy: that's healthy. that's okay to eat? >> yeah. vegetarian. >> jimmy: oh, it is. okay. >> spanish moss. muy caliente. >> jimmy: all right. >> what do we have here? a little bit of eye of newt. happens to be newt jigingrich. a lock of kim cash dakardashian. that wasn't easy to get, either, by the way. a copy of "twilight" the book. >> jimmy: oh, the book? quite a -- >> and just a pinch of nutmeg for flavor. just a pinch. >> jimmy: oh, all right.
12:40 am
>> oh! >> jimmy: any garlic? >> garlic? just kidding. here's the garlic. >> jimmy: all right. >> now let's stir this baby up. ooh. la la la. >> jimmy: mix it up. >> now. let's have a little bit. let's try a little bit, shall we, skim jimmy. pour it into this goblet. >> jimmy: all right. thank you. should i just drink it? >> can you hold it all right? >> jimmy: yeah. i'll wait for you to have some. >> don't spill that. it will strip the floor. okay. little bit for me. >> jimmy: it looks interesting. >> oh. >> jimmy: should we go to the desk? >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow, it's actually smoking. >> eating the glass up. >> jimmy: it sure is. this is something else. >> we'll toast. >> jimmy: okay. here's to you and me and
12:41 am
halloween. >> jimmy: here's to you and me and halloween. cheers. oh. i think i caught a kardashian hair in my throat or something. >> oh, it happens. >> jimmy: hey! [ applause ] what did you do to me? >> what, jimmy? >> jimmy: i said, what did you do to me? >> i shrunk you, jimmy! >> jimmy: this is not funny. i'll small now. >> why am i latching if it's not funny? >> jimmy: you know what, you're behaving in an extremely immature way right now.
12:42 am
>> oh, i'm really shaking. look! now i'm in the chair! it's my show! finally! my own talk show! i can do whatever i wish. cleto, play me some circus music. >> jimmy: no! don't play -- >> jump, jim my. >> jimmy: stop it! that is my band -- >> this is my bad. >> jimmy: no, it's my band and you're sitting in my chair and this is my show! you know -- i know you made your trick or treat soup and that stupid ghost story -- >> we'll be back with more pee-wee herman live and bruno tonioli.
12:43 am
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>> jimmy: well, hello there, we're back with pee-wee herman. megadeath in moments. thankfully, the trick or treat soup wore off so i'm back to regular size. our next guest wears a costume almost every night. he has been terrorizing aspiring celebrity dance champions for many halloweens. from "dancing with the stars," please say hello to judge bruno tonioli. [ cheers and applause ]
12:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yes. >> jimmy: one day, if you could only come out of your shell, i think you could be -- >> i've never been in, my darling. >> jimmy: this is a costume? you just put the teeth on. >> this is the real me. >> jimmy: that's the real you? the tannest vampire i've ever seen. do you know what i'm dressed as? i'm not a bear. i'm donkey kong. >> donkey kong? never had any of them, either. i'm ready to try something new. >> jimmy: really? >> like you.
12:54 am
>> jimmy: i'm a person, bruno. >> oh, god. here we go again. >> jimmy: dressed as an ape. >> have you lost your sense of humor? >> jimmy: well, i wouldn't be the only one, would i, right? >> let's not go there. >> jimmy: everyone's mad at you. it's so wonderful. >> me? what have i done? >> jimmy: you've done a wlot of bad things. >> i'm so nice. i feel so sexy. >> jimmy: what, the teeth? >> the teeth. i want to bite. >> jimmy: really? >> don't like at me. >> jimmy: pee-wee came out with the teeth on and he did not bite anyone. >> you have to get used to it. it takes a bit of time. >> really? >> do you want to try? >> i wish i had more time. >> sorry. sorry. serious. serious. >> jimmy: do you celebrate halloween in italy? >> i didn't, because i can't -- i can't speak. >> jimmy: and don't hand them to me. >> they're real. oh, that's better.
12:55 am
fantastic. i -- you watch "true blood"? it's fantastic. i want to meet eric. don't you? she wants to, as well. >> jimmy: this is not e-harmony. this is a television show. >> sorry, sorry. >> jimmy: no, that's all right. >> i got into character. >> jimmy: i know. >> the thing is, we didn't have halloween. i discovered halloween when i came to america in the '70s and i love the kind of, you know, celebration and dressing up and, you know, it was a discovery for me. we have the all saints holiday and the day you celebrate the dead and you go to the cemetery. buff we didn't really have when i was a child the holiday of halloween. >> jimmy: italians are a superstitious people. >> yes, we have all these things. i never understood why. if a black cat crosses the road, you're supposed to turn back, you're not supposed to go under a ladder, you know, it's bad luck if you drop salt, if
12:56 am
somebody gives you hand kerr schiff, you have to give them money. after awhile -- >> jimmy: what about the -- >> oh -- you have to -- you have -- you have to wear the -- >> jimmy: the italian horn. >> some people have a rabbit tail. there are all these things but i never understood why. it's engrained in the culture. >> jimmy: you don't buy into any of that stuff? >> no, i think you make your own luck at the end of the day, don't you? [ applause ] yeah, you have to. but i see a lot of things that go back centuries to the day of the black death because people could not explain things that happened. so, they used to kind of refer to events, oh, because of this, this, you know, is the reason why these things happen. so, it has a very long -- >> jimmy: celebrities on "dancing with the stars" seem to be blaming other forces, like,
12:57 am
for instance you and the judges when they don't do well. >> you should dance better. >> jimmy: the bottom line is -- >> "dancing with the stars," not "moans with the stars." >> jimmy: every time they come, i say, who do you think should have been eliminated? they never have an answer. >> you have to understand. there's, honestly, at this stage of the competition, it gets very intense and obviously they work very hard and appreciate the work they put in. they do put a lot of time into it. and it gets a bit tense. but i think at the end of the day,s you aid, somebody has to go. it's the nature of the show. we've been doing it for 13 seasons. and not everybody is as good as everybody else. >> jimmy: if you want, i'll explain this to them. >> but it does get -- i understand it. from the outside, you know, i do appreciate, it takes a lot of effort. but it is what it is and everybody -- they know when they sign up. >> jimmy: let me ask you something, because you did music
12:58 am
videos. we have megadeath here tonight. have you done -- >> ac/dc. i have a fantastic story. i used to work with a -- bruno, we got lots of girls to be smothered in oil. so, "cover me in oil," the song. and it's all girls, fabulous girls in oil, romming in oil, this was fantastic. and you got paid for it. you got money for it. >> jimmy: maybe we'll get you on stage with megadeath. >> yeah! i don't have the hair. i don't have the -- i'll have to -- >> jimmy: you won't have any hair at all at the end of that. well, bruno, it is always a delight to see you. "dancing with the stars" is monday and tuesday nights here on a b krabc. bruno tonioli. he's insane. we'll be right back with megadeath.
12:59 am
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1:01 am
>> jimmy: that is their brand new album. it comes out tomorrow, it's called "thirteen." here with the song "public enemy number one," megadeath!
1:02 am
♪ ♪ ♪ public enemy number one jailbreak and a smoking gun you wont believe the things i've done ♪ ♪ and the killing was just for fun public enemy number one a stolen car ♪ ♪ and i'm on the run through the night til the rising sun ♪ ♪ and the trouble's just begun roses on your grave i'll be on my way ♪
1:03 am
♪ there's no time to stay with the enemies i've made i'm invincible you might say despicable ♪ ♪ punishments reciprocal public enemy number one i'm unbeatable my mind is untreatable ♪ ♪ crimes unrepeatable public enemy number one public enemy number one ♪ ♪ watch the authorities come undone with every stand-off that i've won ♪ ♪ flirting death just for fun public enemy number one born a fugitive ♪ ♪ fathers son
1:04 am
another heist of a bank is done ♪ ♪ and the trouble has just begun roses on your grave i'll be on my way ♪ ♪ there's no time to stay with the enemies i've made i'm invincible you might say despicable ♪ ♪ punishments reciprocal public enemy number one i'm unbeatable my mind is untreatable crimes unrepeatable ♪ ♪ public enemy number one ♪


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